Fall  Symposium  2015



2015 Pedalhaus Tour   

What:  A fun day on a bicycle touring five of Palo Alto's pioneering Passive House buildings! These are an office, a mixed-use development and three stunning homes, along a safe and easy 8-mile route through the neighborhoods of Palo Alto.


Who:  Join former Palo Alto Mayor, Peter Drekmeier, supporters and members of Passive House California and a collection of high performance building activists on a 8-mile route though Palo Alto's neighborhoods.  The tour is open to cyclists of all skill levels.


Why:  Learn how and why local Palo Alto companies, organizations and citizens are choosing to build high performance homes. Feel and see for yourself how healthy, comfortable and efficient these buildings are. Learn why they won't destroy our children's future!

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2015-11-14 15.05.36
2015-11-14 10.06.31
City Cycle

Start:  California Avenue, Caltrain Station, Palo Alto (Guided Tour will gather at 9.50 am near the fountain next to the sculpture.)


When:  Saturday, November 14th, 2015, from 10.00am - 4.00pm


Details:  BYOB. (Bring your own bicycle.) Pack a lunch or purchase something great at Town & Country, where we will all stop for a refreshment break during the tour.  Each stop will include details about how the project was built and what makes it so special.  Bike Valet Volunteers will be there to ensure your ride is safe while you visit the house.  Arrive early, ready to ride with old friends & new to who share the same passion for healthy homes.


What you'll see: 

  • Palo Alto's first Passive House

  • Multiple homes featuring radiant heating and cooling systems

  • Water systems galore: multiple homes have rainwater and greywater systems to feed their native and drought-tolerant landscapes.

  • See Passive House work within a bigger model of community and environmental mindfulness.

  • Passive House office building - it's not just for houses!  Experience the comfort of an office built with phase change materials that provide 'smart' thermal mass for passive solar.

  • Mightyhouse, under-construction seeking to be the first Tiny House built on wheels seeking Passive House Standards

  • Passive House for an old cabin: it’s not just for new homes with modern design.  See a Passive House renovation.