Fall  Symposium  2015



2015 Pedalhaus Tour FAQs   

Do I have to bike to do the tour and the event?

No, the Pedalhaus tour is certainly open to anyone who has an interest in healthy, comfortable, high performance, low-energy buildings, whether you bike, walk, drive or scooter is fine.  The routes created for the tour are primarily designed for bikes and they take bike passage ways that cars will not be able to follow.  We provide all of the site addresses and information about each site so you can decide which homes you would like to visit and how you like to get between sites.  Homeowners will not be setting up car parking area at their homes, so plan to park and walk a little ways if getting to the site stops by a car.  There is also a Google map that shows all of the sites and addresses that can also be used for navigation.


Where and when should I start the event?

The homes are open from only 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday, November 14, 2015 only.   Please do not attempt to visit the sites before

10 pm or after 4 pm or on any other day. This is a self-guided set of tours and you can start, stop at anytime and anywhere on the loop and drop out and finish and do a smaller part of a loop. We encourage pedalhaus tourists to start at various points along the route to discourage concentration of people parking for this event in neighborhoods at the official start of the loops.  


Is there any support on this event?

This tour is a self guided tour and you and your group must be self sufficient in terms of finding your own food and water, able to handle any bicycle repair issues and navigate yourself back to your start location if you leave a loop early.  It’s easy to get lost temporarily so have your smart phone available to help direct you to the next stop if needed.


Can I help out?

If you would like to volunteer as a greeter or bike valet please contact:


What are some strategies for a successful Pedalhaus tour?


  • There is a guided tour that starts at 10:00 am that meets at the California Avenue Caltrain station.

  • If you intend to rent a bike through BikeShare please arrive early to one of the two BikeShare sites near the train station.

  • The ride and stops will probably take you much longer than anticipated as there is much to be learned about Passive House from these homeowners and representatives. so start early and allow yourself plenty of time. The routes are selected to be quieter, biking friendly routes but not always direct routes.

  • Carefully review the routes and maps and directions before starting your tour and plan for some possible early exit strategies and the routes you might take.  Also look at the routes and consider how busy some of the routes with  traffic.

  • We suggest a lunch stop at the Town and Country Village. Otherwise plan or bring your own food/picnic and water and decide on a suitable location for any lunch stop.  

  • Bring a camera / phone! Take pictures!

  • Invite a friend or group and have them register and attend the event with you.

  • Have a fun time!


Do I need a pedalhaus tour ticket to get into the homes?

Show a copy of the ticket, either printed or on your phone, to the greeter at each site.


Will I be able to contact the homeowners later?

We do not plan to release homeowners name, phone or contact information.  If you want to follow up with a particular homeowner, please request their contact information when visiting their site.  Bring items to gather contact information.


Bike parking?

Bike parking and bike security will be handled differently at each site so be prepared to park and lock your bike securely if needed.  Bike valet volunteers will be at each site to coordinate bike parking.  Pedalhaus organizers and building owners are not responsible for the safety of your bike at a site stop.


What road markings and signage will there be?

There will be no markings on the road. Refer to your cue sheet and maps to navigate the tour. At each stop will be a Passive House stop sign. There are no special traffic control devices or persons controlling traffic for this event.


What is the best way to navigate the route?

First we recommend you review your options in terms of the mileage, number of sites, the routes and your set of riders.  Select a tour that fits your interest and your abilities.  Then print out the maps and cue sheets for that tour and get familiar with the general route ahead of time.  Have water, and food options and bailout options available.


Friendly reminder, please remember to: 

  • Please remove your footwear before entering the house; it can be left on the porch.

  • Please bring your own water in re-usable bottles; vast majority of single use items end up injuring or killing wildlife and marine life and pollute the environment.

  • Please do not bring any large bags.

  • It’s OK to take photos but please remove any geo-tagging or address details before sharing with others.

  • This is a self-guided tour, although there will be informational signage and people around the house to answer questions.

  • This is a personal residence; please don’t open any closets or drawers.